Kumpf Middle School to Begin Progressive Mathematics Initiative, Block Scheduling in September

The program uses a Smartboard and responders to teach math.

This September, Carl H. Kumpf Middle School in Clark will be implementing the new cutting edge Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) as the vehicle to deliver the middle school mathematics program. 

The PMI was developed by New Jersey’s 2006 Teacher of the Year, Dr. Robert Goodman, and has realized a good deal of success in places it has been implemented. The program is technology based and is taught from a Smartboard with students collaborating on problems and communicating their responses through responders.

As part of the implementation of the program, Carl H. Kumpf School Principal Jennifer Feeley has been outfitting each of the rooms designated for PMI instruction with Smartboards and responders and arranging for all middle school mathematics teachers to receive three days of training on PMI.

In addition to the new PMI Program, Principal Feeley has implemented block scheduling where each student at Kumpf Middle School will receive 80 minutes of instruction each day in Mathematics and Language Arts. Also, all three grades in the middle school will now be teamed, allowing for common teacher planning time and further creating the concept of a student-centered middle school.

“We’re all very excited at the innovations in Kumpf School," said Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Knops. "With the new PMI program and block scheduling, our students will be receiving cutting edge instruction in mathematics and the block schedule will assure that the amount of time in both mathematics and language arts classes will increase 200 minutes per week in each subject area. I’m grateful to both Mrs. Feeley and Director of Curriculum Ed Grande for all the planning and organizing they’ve put into the upcoming implementation of these programs this summer.”


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