ALJ Student Gets Perfect Score on US History SAT II

Senior Joseph Bonaccorso was honored during the Board of Education’s Showcase of Success.

This release was provided by the Clark School District.

Joseph Bonaccorso, a senior at Arthur L. Johnson High School, was honored by the Clark Board of Education on the evening of April 9th, during the Board of Education’s Showcase of Success. 

Joseph was honored for his attainment of a top score of 800 on attaining a perfect score of 800 on the SAT II United States History assessment.  In recognizing Joseph, both Clark Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Knops and Director of Curriculum Ed Grande lauded Mr. Bonaccorso not only for his SAT II achievement, but for his all around outstanding four year career as a high school student at Arthur L. Johnson High School.

Superintendent Knops cited a number of impressive accomplishments Mr. Bonaccorso had attained.  Joseph is a National Advanced Placement Scholar, having achieved four 5’s, the highest possible score, his junior year on Advanced Placement assessments, and one 4 his sophomore year.  Joseph has also achieved a Grade Point Average of 4.657 during his four years at Arthur L. Johnson High School, and will be attending Wharton School of Business’s prestigious four year MBA program.  At Wharton Joseph will major in Business Management and Finance.  Knops concluded his remarks by thanking Joseph for all of his contributions to the school community, making mention of how positively he represented himself, his family, Arthur L. Johnson High School, and the entire Clark School Community with his distinguished academic record and his altruistic nature in giving back to the community.  Knops then stated that Director of Curriculum Ed Grande, who has taught Joseph in Mathematics Class, would touch upon Mr. Bonaccorso’s illustrious record of community service and giving back to the community.

Director of Curriculum Ed Grande highlighted Joseph’s altruistic orientation by sharing that he was the founder of the K-Kids Club at the Frank K. Hehnly School and the Amnesty International Club during his sophomore year.  Furthermore, Mr. Grande commented on the leadership Joseph had provided to his classmates and schoolmates, and his ongoing vision to make the school and the world a better place.  Grande concluded his remarks by quoting Mrs. Jessica Case, Joseph’s Honors United States History Teacher on his performance as a student in her class.  Mrs. Case stated, “Joseph was a student in my Honors United States History Class as a sophomore.  He brought intensity to class each day and was highly motivated by the historical topics discussed.  Based on Joe’s motivation to succeed, I am not surprised by his flawless performance on the United States History SAT II subject test, I wish him great success as he embarks on the next phase of his academic career.”


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