[VIDEO] Mayor Bonaccorso: 'Come Home, Kara. It's Fine'

Bonaccorso addressed Alongi's disappearance at Monday night's council meeting.

At Monday night's council meeting, Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso addressed Kara Alongi's disappearance and commended the Clark Police Department for their work determining that Alongi left home voluntarily and was not abducted.

Bonaccorso referenced online commenters who have complained about the tax dollars spent searching for Alongi.

"My prayers are for the Alongi family and that that girl gets home safely," said Bonaccorso. "Right now there's not a criminal investigation going on, but there's a moral investigation. We're trying to help somebody's family come back together and the minute anybody loses sight of that – and I know no one in this room is, at this table, but out there – I mean, gee, what are we turning into? Let's get this girl home and get her the help she needs to reunite with her family. That's what it's about."

Bonaccorso also repeated his response to a reporter who asked what he would tell Alongi.

"I said, 'Come home, Kara. It's fine.'" said Bonaccorso. "Call the police department, call my office, call your mom and dad, most importantly. Just come home. Don't worry about it."

becks October 03, 2012 at 12:49 PM
It takes a village to raise a child. Well said Mayor. Let's not lose focus on the fact that this is a child and she might be in danger. Kara is you are reading these comments don't pay attention to the negative people. Whatever it is you are dealing with you can overcome it and it will get better.


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