Victor DeFilippo Resigns From Garwood Council

The councilman cited changes to his employment as his reason for leaving.

Garwood Councilman Victor DeFilippo (R) has resigned from Garwood Council as of noon today, Feb. 12.

In a resignation email to Borough Administrator Christina Ariemma, DeFilippo cited a change in his employment, including a change to his hours and duties, as the reason for his exit.

"It was a pleasure to work with all of you," DeFilippo wrote in the email. "I can tell you this was not an easy decision."

DeFilippo was elected to council in Nov. 2010 and his three-year term would have ended in December of this year.

To fill the vacancy, the Garwood Republican Committee must present three nominees to council within the next 15 days. Within 30 days, council must select one of those nominees to fill the position. If council cannot agree on a candidate within 30 days, the Republican Committee has another 15 days to appoint one of the nominees as DeFilippo's successor. Also, if the Republican Committee fails to submit nominees within 15 days, council can then appoint a successor from within the Republican party.

DeFilippo could not be reached for comment at this time. Councilman Jim Mathieu, also had no comment when reached by Patch.

John Quattrocchi, the mayor's husband who also serves as the Garwood Republican Committee Chair, said he was shocked by DeFilippo's exit and that he had no forewarning that the councilman would resign. He added that the he does have a few people in mind for the vacant seat.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Councilman DeFilippo," Councilwoman Sara Todisco told Patch at Tuesday night's council meeting. " We had a good working relationship on the finance, laws and licenses and police committees for the past two years. He’s a great example of what can come of bipartisanship.”


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