Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.: Mayor Quattrocchi Says Stay Home, Garwood!

Mayor Quattrocchi gives Patch an update, urges residents to stay off roads.

As Garwood deals with the aftermath of Sandy, Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi checked in with Patch.

"We want residents to stay home!!!," Quattrocchi wrote Patch in an email. "It is still too dangerous to go out. We need to have our emergency workers, DPW and police handling emergencies and not responding to situations that could have been avoided."

"We have many trees down almost one on each block, so residents are without electric mostly on the south side. I have not yet gotten a detailed local update, but North Ave. is operational. I am on the North side and have power, never lost it, so I would have to assume that the outages in the borough are mostly attributed to downed power lines."

Quattrocchi added that her cell phone is working and she has received calls from others in the borough, proof that many do have cell service.

From the Garwood PD website:

"As you wake you will find that many trees and wires came down during the storm.  In fact, almost no block in the Borough was spared.  It is still very dangerous outside.  DO NOT GO NEAR DOWNED TREES OR WIRES. Fallen trees are unstable and wires should be considered "hot".   Branches still on trees may be cracked or fragile and ready to break off.  Most of the streets here and in neighboring towns are blocked making passage difficult.  It will be tempting to go out and explore but for your safety, please avoid going out and / or driving around for non essential purposes.

Power outages resulted throughout town and the utilities are overwhelmed with repair work.  PSE&G have been notified.  Because the damage is extensive and statewide, it could be quite some time before power to your home is restored.  Tree services will need to be contacted for non Borough trees.  You can call your insurance agents and advise them of any damage to your home.  This will get the ball rolling for your claim.

If you need to have medicine refrigerated, you can bring it to the Poilce Department where it can be kept cool for you.  If you have any non emergency medical needs, contact the Police Department using 908 789-1500 for help.  Use 911 for all emergency needs.  The Garwood Police Department thanks you for your cooperation and allowing your emergency services to work for you."

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