Scotch Plains Website Lists Streets That Need Debris Removed

Streets that have been visited will not see another pickup.

A little over a month after Hurricane Sandy, Scotch Plains is continuing the clean up of debris on streets throughout the township, once the debris is fully removed the Department of Public Works will move into regular leaf pickup.

Township Manager Henry Underhill stated that any road that already has had seen a debris pick up would not see another pickup. Within the last 12 days he said that crews have noticed that streets which have already been cleared have been filled again with new debris.

“At some point we have to draw the line,” Underhill said. “And maybe they will have to hold on to it until spring cleanup.”

A list of streets that have not been completed is available on township's website. If your street is not listed, that means it will not be revisited. 

The following streets still need to be visited for debris pickup:


Bartle Avenue Beverly Avenue Birch Street
Byrd Avenue Canterbury Drive Cedar Grove Terrace Church Avenue Cicilia Place

Coles Avenue (Cook Av to Westfield Rd) Cook Avenue
Copperfield Road
Crest Lane

Deer Path
Dickens Lane Dona Lane
East Second Street Elm Court

Emil Place
Far View Drive
Farley Avenue
Flanders Avenue
Forepaugh Avenue
Forest Road
Front Street
Glenside Avenue
Grand Street
Grant Avenue
Harding Road
Haven Avenue
Hawthorne Street
Hoe Avenue
Hunter Avenue
Jackson Avenue
Katherine Street
Kipling Lane
Lake Park Terrace
Lyde Place (Cook Av to Westfield Rd) Malanga Court
Martin Place

Meadow Street Montague Avenue Mountainview Avenue Myrtle Avenue

Nicholl Avenue
Paff Place
Park Avenue
Park Crest
Pine Terrace
Pinehurst Avenue
Portland Avenue (North Side Only) Prospect Avenue

Richelieu Place Ridgeview Avenue School Place Scotland Street Senger Place Shepherd Street Sky Top Drive

St. Ann Street
Sterling Place
Stout Avenue
Sunset Place
Sycamore Avenue
Union Avenue
ValIey Avenue
Valleyscent Avenue
Victor Street (Mountain to Reservation) Watchung Terrace

Watchung View Place
Weaver Street
Westfield Avenue
Westfield Road (Rt 22 to Center of Portland -North Side Only) Westfield Road Circle

William Street (100 & 200 Block)
Willow Avenue (Mountain Av to Fanwood Borough Line)


Acacia Road Allwood Road

Archer Lane Ascot Road Azalea Court Beechwood Place Belvedere Drive Beryllium Road Birchwood Court Briar Hill Drive Broadway

Bryant Avenue
Carol Place
Cedar Street
Cedar Brook Road
Channing Avenue
Cleveland Avenue
Coldstream Court
Coles Avenue (Westfield Rd to Jerusalem) Concord Road

Crestwood Road Edgewood Terrace Evergreen Avenue Evergreen Boulevard Everts Avenue Fanwood Avenue Fawn Ridge Drive Gales Court

Gary Court Greenside Place Hamlette Place Happel Court Henry Street Hidden Hollow Hill Road

Homestead Terrace Jerusalem Road John Street Johnson Street Liberty Street

Longfellow Avenue
Lyde Place (Westfield Rd to Henry)

Madison Avenue, Malcolm Place, Manfra Lane, Marlboro Road, Monica Place, Morse Avenue, Muir Terrace
New Briar Lane, Nicole Court, O'Donnell Avenue, Old Farm Road, Overhill Street, Park Place

Park View Drive Pearl Place
Pine Street
Pine Grove Circle, Plainfield Avenue, Poets Place Promenade Redwood Roa,d Rhoda Place, Richmond Street

Roberts Lane, Rolling Knolls Road, Rolling Peaks, Rose Street

Seneca Road, Sims Avenue, Smith Street

Stocker Lane Sunrise Court

Tack Circle
Ternay Avenue
Throwbridge Drive
Victor Street (Mountain To Malcolm) Waldheim Avenue
Warren Street
Waverly Place
West Court

Westfield Road (Mountain Ave to North Ave - East Side Only) Westfield Avenue (East of Westfield Road)
Whittier Avenue

William Street (300 Block & Up) Woodland Terrace


Aldene Avenue
Algonquin Drive
Arrowwood Drive
Bayberry Lane
Brookside Court
Brookside Drive
Burkley Terrace
Buttonwood Lane
Cheyenne Way
Christine Circle
Cliffwood Street/Shalom Way Dogwood Drive

Duncan Drive, Elizabeth Avenue, Evelyn Street, Fieldcrest Drive, Florence Avenue, Gallagher Avenue, Gamble Road

Golf Street, Graceland Place, Graymill Drive, Hetfield Avenue, High View Court, Hill Top Road, Inverness Drive, Jacobs Lane, Jefferson Avenue, Jersey Avenue, Knollwood Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Maple Hill Road, Maple View Court

Mary Beth Court
Mary Ellen lane
Meadow View Road
New York Avenue
Newark Avenue
Oak Hill Road
Oxford Road
Parkwood Drive
Peach Court
Pitching Way
Princeton Avenue
Quimby Lane
Radley Road (West Side Only)
Raritan Road (Lake Av to Lamberts Mill Rd) Ravine Court

Roosevelt Avenue, Second Street, Seward Drive, Shackamaxon Drive, Shady lane, Shawnee Path, Stony Brook Circle, Sylvan lane

Trenton Avenue, Washington Avenue, West Broad Street, White Oak Road, Winding Brook Way Wood Road, Woodside Road


Black Birch Road, Marion Lane, Northgate Road, Rahway Road 

Ed Minall December 07, 2012 at 03:25 PM
They are going to do a 2nd pass on what appears to be 90% of the Town, but will only be picking up storm debris? The 1st pass I could understand only taking storm debris, but now leaves are the majority. How about picking up both on the 2nd pass? The Drivers can dump the loads of either leaves or limbs accordingly. Why double the equipment time and wasting fuel of doing one type of disposal at a time? In addition, how about hiring some contractors to help with the cause if there is FEMA money involved? The leaf piles are becoming a public safety issue. There is no place to park, or walk around at the schools. The roads are basically one way due to the piles. We are in violation of NJ storm water regulations and pray we don’t have major precipitation in our immediate future.
Nicole Bitette December 07, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Hi Ed, thank you for your comment and suggestions. They did pass a bill at the last council conference meeting to hire additional temporary workers, it did not state how many.
SPResident December 07, 2012 at 07:36 PM
"One more pass" implies that there has been at least one previous pass which is, certainly, not the case.
Lenapee Tree December 07, 2012 at 07:53 PM
The list is at http://www.scotchplainsnj.com/HurricaneDebrisProgress_AsOfDec5.pdf If I figure it correctly, the numbers are; Section 1 - 83 total roads, 75 (90%) not done. Section 2 - 98 total roads, 88 (89%) not done. Section 3 - 92 total roads, 63 (68%) not done. Section 4 - 107 total roads, 4 (3%) not done. Would someone check my math please.
Taxpayer December 08, 2012 at 12:24 AM
I am a resident of Scotch Plains and we live on a dead end street on the south side of town. We do not have any curb nor the space to put the debris from all of the trees. After the storm we had 12 or more large trees down on our lawn. since that time my husband has been trying to work with the town officials to try to dump the debris somewhere but they are questioning if the trees are ours, as if my husband is driving around picking up other people's trees. It appears that they do not want to pay the cost of dumping the trees but they have no problem taking my check every quarter that I pay taxes.


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