Mayor Says Medical Marijuana Warehouse is "Welcome in Woodbridge"

Other towns are trying to shut out medical marijuana clinics; in Woodbridge, Mayor John McCormac welcomes them. One may be open here in as little as four months.

One of six medical marijuana clinics in the state will be situated in Woodbridge, and it could be just four months away from opening.

Compassionate Care Centers of New Jersey, which has been trolling about for a town in central New Jersey to host a medical marijuana dispensary, bought the defunct 6th Avenue Electronics store on Route 1, according to a report on nj.com, with plans to turn it into a warehouse to grow and sell the plant.

The pot purveyors purchased the electronics store building last week for $2.75 million, nj.com reported, saying the buy had been in the works for over a year, even though . 

Medical marijuana centers have had a hard time trying to find municipalities willing to allow the dispensaries in their town limits.

When news that a pot-growing dispensary would be coming to Upper Freehold last December, a fierce outcry from citizens and an ordinance unanimously passed by the town committee stopped the warehouse in its tracks.

'It'll be great.'

Not so in Woodbridge.

Mayor John McCormac, who said he knew about the marijuana dispensary's plans for over a year, told nj.com that he "welcomed" the marijuana warehouse.

"As long as it’s legal, Woodbridge residents might as well get the benefit of it. If our residents need the products, it will be close by. It will be great.

"Unlike many towns, we’re welcoming them to Woodbridge," McCormac said in the nj.com report.

McCormac apparently didn't share the news of the pot warehouse with some of Woodbridge's elected officials.

Councilman Bob Luban was taken aback when the news got out that a pot warehouse was coming to town.

"I'd like someone to explain the benefits to Woodbridge. I'm as surprised as everyone that the administration appears to be encouraging them to come here. I was under the impression many towns are against it," Luban said.

"Unless there is some magic revenue benefit, i don't see where there is a benefit to Woodbridge at all."

Marijuana Grows Jobs

Compassionate Care's spokeman told nj.com that they expected 50 jobs to materialize at the pot warehouse. Some of the employment will go to off-duty Woodbridge policemen, who will be hired to guard the marijuana stash being grown in the building. 

Earlier this year, rumors were swirling that a marijuana dispensary might be coming to town. While officials inside the township denied it, Raj Mukherji, who said he had been a lobbyist for Compassionate Care before he became a deputy mayor of Jersey City, said in March that they had indeed been considering Woodbridge as a medicial marijuana site.

"Woodbridge would be a good location. It's a ratable for the town. I know [Compassionate Care was] looking at New Brunswick originally," Mukherji said.

The mayor's office did not return phone calls for this story.

The former 6th Avenue Electronics store is located on a busy stretch of Route 1 North, between the McGuire Cadillac dealership and the , and a little over a mile to .

On August 9, the New Jersey Department of Health opened up a registry that potential pot customers had to join for permission to buy marijuana. So far, less than 100 patients have signed up statewide.

As far as Woodbridge is concerned, Luban said he would've liked to have gotten a head's up on the deal.

"I would've liked to have known this was in the works. We should've been given the opportunity to discuss it with the redevelopment agency, and we should've been asked our opinion," he aid.

"We do represent the people directly."

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Tom Maras September 03, 2012 at 11:32 AM
Marijuana Wars @Zach and other proponents of having marijuana grown and distributed in communities, like Woodbridge, suggest you watch : http://current.com/shows/vanguard/93412498_marijuana-wars-part-1.htm then watch part 2. After seeing part 1, or parts 1 and 2, please tell us again why government should keep its hands out of business!
Wilson November 10, 2012 at 09:19 PM
This is a great for much needed jobs in Woodbridge, to help those suffering and to get away from the old misunderstanding that Marijuana is bad. People need to educate themselves on the benefits of Cannabis and understand the many benefits of the plant. I'm a gym rat and I use Hemp for it's great protein source, fiber and high omega fatty contain. I'm also aware of the many benefits that it's cousin Marijuana can offer to those suffering of severe illness. Of course it can be use for recreational purpose as well -as alcohol is it can be regulated as well. Speaking of alcohol let's not forget alcohol doesn't have any benefits and yet it's legal. On the other hand, hemp can be use for many different needs such as; fuel, clothing, food, etc. We as a society need to be more mindful and not mind full.
Tom Maras November 11, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Follow the money trial and you may find why McCormac and company keep promoting this "Retail Store"! Does anyone not on a Rocky Mountain High really believe Mac's interests in this operation are totally humanitarian!
Twobraincells Left February 26, 2013 at 10:01 PM
I just hope that all of you people that are protesting this marijuana facility don't get some disease like cancer, and need marijuana to help you cope with it; because you will then be hypocrites because you will go to the facility for YOUR help. It's easy to say "NO" to something you don't need. However, if you become one of those people that are in "NEED" , then it's "O.K.". Right???
Tom Maras February 27, 2013 at 04:26 PM
If it is such a great medical benefit to those suffering, why isn't it being dispense from pharmacies, and why is the State going to tax it? Do some research on the downside of the "product" and then say the benefits outweigh those downsides. As sure as oxycodone has been over prescribed and has created a huge illegal market for it, the Pot Shops will do the same! And do you really think the five hundred or so registered user to date (they had to pay to register) of the product will spend enough to cover the $Millions it costs to open just one of the "outlets", let alone run it. With four outlets approved in this state, so far, that really cuts into each shops customer base. Right! Do some more research and see if you can determine why McCormac and which of his buddies are bringing the "Retail" outlet to Woodbridge. For humanitarian reasons? It is a Pandora's Box that shouldn't be opened in this township or any other. Let's hope the Fed's kill it before it grows!


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