Letter to the Editor: Garwood Republicans Offer "Common Sense Solutions"

Timothy Hak and Mike Martin ask for residents' votes in November.

Dear Patch Editor,

Change is sometimes slow as the wheels of government are in the habit of operating in just that fashion but with patience and perseverance progress can be achieved. The current Garwood GOP led administration has been in office for less than two years and after evaluating the state of affairs that was inherited from our predecessors we can say with confidence that we are moving the borough forward.

While tending to the immediate daily needs of the borough that first year as well as numerous retirements in the police department to include replacing the chief and captain, record snow falls, an earthquake, Tropical Storm Irene and a freak Halloween ice/snow storm the mayor has zeroed in on those areas which were in the most need of updating, revamping or repair.

The Office of Emergency Management is one such example of the need to update and revamp. Irene made it woefully apparent that the prior administration left the borough sorely lacking in the services and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of the residents should a natural or manmade emergency occur. We support the mayor’s creating the position of Director of Emergency Management with a dully qualified Garwood resident working diligently to bring the borough into compliance and complete the extensive paperwork which was necessary to submit to FEMA.  We also support her requests this year to the finance committee to provide the necessary funding for up to date communication equipment within borough hall including the police department and generators to ensure that necessary borough services are available and accessible to all the residents no matter what the circumstances.

The new Director of Emergency Management will be investigating grant opportunities for the borough to further enhance the operations of our emergency services; as council members we will be supporting those efforts as the safety of the residents will be our number one priority.

We ask the residents of Garwood to vote for us on Election Day so that the Mayor can be sure to get the support that she needs to move Garwood forward with this and with other important endeavors . Please vote Republican for Timothy Hak and Mike Martin providing Common Sense Solutions for Garwood.

Timothy Hak and Mike Martin


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