Letter to the Editor: Clark Republicans Thank Supporters

Candidates thank supporters for aiding their November election win.

This release was submitted by the Clark Republicans.

The members of the Bonaccorso Team – Mayor Sal Bonaccorso and Councilmembers-at-Large, Angel Albanese, Al Barr and Councilmember Elect Bill Smith – all want to thank the citizens of Clark for their overwhelming support. We are totally energized and eager to continue to serve all the citizens of Clark.  

We pledge to continue the course and make Clark the best it can be – a great place to live, work and play. We also wish to thank our family members, the members of the GOP of Clark and our campaign supporters for their contributions.

The large number of votes we received indicates the residents were pleased with the progress that has been accomplished these past twelve years and by re-electing us expect it to continue. We feel the Bonaccorso team has worked diligently these past twelve years continually trying to improve the lifestyle of our residents and will continue to do that as long as we are in office. Once again we wish to thank all those who supported us with signs on their lawns, those who helped with our campaign and of course all those who voted for us.  


Sal Bonaccorso

Angel Albanese

Al Barr

Bill Smith


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