Clark Council Discusses 'Today in America' Infomerical

Mayor also warns of bulky pickup schedule, content.

Discussion continued Monday night about Clark's participation in Terry Bradshaw's "Today in America," as residents questioned the price tag associated with being featured in an infomercial on "America's Best Places to Live, Work and Play."

The filming will cost the town $19,800, that some residents believe could be better allocated in town, and asked Mayor Sal Bonaccorso to explain the benefits of the hefty price. (Read our first story and poll on the filming, .)

Bonaccorso said the infomercial will be "tangible evidence" of how great Clark is, and the town will own all rights to the commercial afterwards, so Bonaccorso can use the product as a marketing tool for future endeavors. 

As Clark looks to develop a full downtown area, Bonaccorso said the commercial will be able to "sell and promote Clark" to people who are looking to move and to develop businesses in town. 

Bonaccorso emphasized that he is not looking for residential developments - but focusing on industrial and commercial projects as part of the town's master plan to establish a vibrant town center. 

Councilman Al Barr said it's important to look at the price in perspective, citing that the Clark Annual Fireworks on the Fourth of July cost $15,000 plus $8,000 of police overtime, and is one of the selling points of the town. He said it's important to invest in things that make Clark special, and to use those items as highlights of the town. 

"It's all positive," he said. 

Bonaccorso said there is enough money in the budget to cover the expenses so there will be no effect on residents.

The Mayor also took time during the meeting to warn residents about the bulky pick up services provided through town. He said that the pick-up will be delayed in the third ward for a day or two due to the closure of the Newark plant where the trash was dumped. He also told residents to carefully sort through what is included in the pick-up, citing a complete list of acceptable items on the township website.

He said the warning comes a few weeks after a Department of Public Works employee was injured after picking up a partially-full paint can. The can was placed in the truck and as it was being crushed in the back of the truck, paint splattered onto the work, in his eyes and mouth, making him vomit.

He was treated and released, but Bonaccorso said any issue where a member of the town staff is injured requires his attention, and the family that put the paint can in the trash was suspended from the service.

“Please adhere to the rules,” he said. “We are here to work with you, but only if our workers are protected.”

Other notes from Monday's meeting:

The council approved supplements to two ordinances presented at the last meeting that are up for public discussion on July 16. The first ordinance provides stipulations for clothing bins around town in an effort to make the town more "aesthetically pleasing" Whiting said. Bins will have to be neutral colored and will only be allowed in certain areas under the ordinance.

The council also supplemented an ordinance meant in restaurants to prevent build-up in plumbing. The new ordinance will strictly enforce the upkeep of the grease traps, as well as provide educational meetings for restaurant owners on proper usage and disposal to prevent damage. 

Grease traps are connected to the plumbing of commercial kitchens and prevent grease and food particles from entering the sewer system. Though the traps collect the grease, the grease must also be properly disposed of. If grease enters the sewers, it can congeal and clog them, causing a backup.

The council, acting as the Alcoholic Beverage Control, approved the annual renewal of the alcoholic licenses for the next calendar year. 

The election season began last night as Bonaccorso officially announced that he is running for re-election in the upcoming mayoral contest, against Councilman Richard Kazanowski who is challenging the mayor for the seat. Bonaccorsco also said he plans that this election will be void of mudslinging as previous elections have been "close to slander." He said he would like to talk about the issues in a debate against Kazanowski if Kazanowski takes the offer. 

Glenn Martin June 20, 2012 at 01:11 AM
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