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Agenda for Clark Council's Reorganization Meeting, Jan. 1

The meeting begins at noon in Council Chambers above the police station.

Clark Council will hold its first meeting of 2013 at noon on Jan. 1.

The annual reorganization meeting includes the swearing in of the mayor and council, plus appointments to town committees and boards.

See a PDF of the full agenda in our gallery.

Mayor's Appointments (Confirmation of Council Required)
Terms run concurrent with the Mayor unless otherwise stated
1 Business Administrator - John Laezza
2 Director of Revenue & Finance - Terance O'Neill
3 Tax Collector - Terance O'Neill
4 Director of Public Safety - John DeSimone
5 Director of Public Works and Engineering - Joseph Bonaccorso
6 Certified Public Works Manager - Scott McCabe
7 Construction Code/ Zoning Official - Mike Khoda
8 Director of Recreation - Ralph Bernardo
9 Director of Teen Center & Teen Activities — Victor DeMarzo
10 Director of Senior Citizen Affairs - Phyllis Cupo
11 Municipal Historian - Brian Toal
12 Library Board of Trustees - Christopher Pingor (5 year term ending 12-31-17)
Mayor's Alternate - Angel Albanese

Mayor's Appointments (Without confirmation of Council)
Affirmative Action Officer: (2 yr term): Donna Mazzucco
Union County Cultural & Heritage Affairs: (4 yr term): Brian Toal
Union County Utilities Authority Solid Waste Advisory Board: (1 yr. term): Brian Toal
Alternate Representative of the Union County Solid Waste Advisory Board: (1 yr. term): Frank Mazzarella
Union County Coalition for Prevention of Substance Abuse: (4 yr term): Frank Mazzarella

Traffic Advisory Board (1 year term)
Chief Alan Scherb, Chairman
Sal Bonaccorso, Mayor
John Laezza, Business Administrator
Richard O'Connor, Engineer
Councilman Alvin Barr, Chairman, Public Safety Committee
Lt. Mike Pollock, Traffic Bureau
Kenneth Knops, Superintendent Clark Public Schools

Union County Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee (1 year term)
Councilwoman Angel Albanese Public Improvements
Councilman Frank Mazzarella Alternate

Planning Board
1 year term: Mayor Sal Bonaccorso Class I member
John Laezza Class II member
4 year term: Robert Tarantino Class IV member
Environmental Commission (3 year term)
Regular Members: Kevin Koch
Anthony Pedro

13 Insurance Fund Commissioners (JIF) (1 year term)
John Laezza
Councilman Alvin Barr Alternate
14 Union County Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee (1 year term)
Councilman Brian Toal Social Services
Councilman Alvin Barr Alternate
15 Environmental Commission
Kyle Mulligan Alternate II (2 year term)
16 Municipal Pool Utility - Council Liaisons (1 year term)
Councilman Bill Smith Chair
Councilman Richard Kazanowski Vice Chair
17 Pool Advisory Board
Kaitlin Mooney
Ann Sener
Tern Rodrigues
Linda Marhold
Regular Member
Regular Member
Regular Member
Alternate I Member
1 year term
1 year term
3 year term
(Filling the unexpired term of Ann Sener ending 12/31/13)

18 Planning Board
Councilman Frank Mazzarella
19 Board of Adjustment
4 yr term:
John Caliguire
Steven Kaminsky
John Tierney
Class III Member (1 year term)
Regular Member
Regular Member
Regular Member

20 Appointing Michael and Joseph Fabijanczuk as members of the Clark Volunteer Fire Department


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