Where to Find Info During an Emergency: A Reminder From Clark's Office of Emergency Management

One year since Superstorm Sandy, Clark's Office of Emergency Management reminds residents where to go for information during an emergency.

This letter was submitted by Clark Emergency Management Coordinator Jerry Fewkes.

When reviewing disaster situations over the years, it has been shown that one of the most important issues is how the public receives information concerning the situation so that they can find out what is going on around them, what they can do to deal with the situation properly and safely and what the time frame is for problems to be corrected and have things get back to normal.

With that in mind the various agencies within the Township of Clark (Administration, Police Dept. and the Office of Emergency Management) now utilize a number of methods to provide this important information to the residents of Clark.

1.     Clark Township Website     In addition to the regular articles, Emergency information will be posted on the Township website, www.ourclark.com during any major event that may have an impact on our community and residents.   

2.     Clark Township Email System     Residents can go onto the Township Web-site

and fill in their e-mail address in the box entitled “Sign Up for Clark Twp. Email

Alerts” and then follow the process to get registered to receive information on a

regular and emergency basis concerning events and situations within the Township.

3.     UC First Alert System    This program was setup by Union County and Clark signed on to be a part of it several years ago.  Residents  can go on line at www.ucfirstalert.org  to register and sign up to receive a variety of items such as Emergency Messages Only, Weather Info at various time periods, or News Messages as either text messages or emails.  These messages may originate through either the County or Local Emergency Management Offices and there is no charge to the residents for these messages.     

4.     Nixle System  This system will forward emergency information to our residents by either text messages or e-mail and is also free of charge to the residents when they register.

For TEXT MESSAGES ONLY residents can text the zip code 07066 to 888777 from any cell phone and they will be automatically registered.  If residents go on line to register at www.nixle.com they would enter a valid email address with the option of entering a cell phone number also so they would then receive information via BOTH E-MAIL AND TEXT MESSAGES.  Information through Nixle could originate from the system in general or from the Clark PD but would only be pertinent to the Clark 07066 zip code.

5.     TV 36          The input for this station is controlled through our town and will provide

important and helpful information during normal times and in time of an emergency/disaster.  During several  of our recent events the Mayor and other Emergency Services Personnel have gone live on TV 36 on one or more occasions to present information to our residents and then this video is replayed  on a regular basis for everyone’s information.

6.     1700 AM         This is also a local source of information which can be provided through

several agencies on a daily basis and most importantly  during a time of emergency.

 During many of our emergency situations the town has experienced various levels of electric power outages so it is extremely important that everyone has access to a battery-powered radio that can receive critical information from either our local station (1700 AM) or from other major radio stations that cover our area.

Residents should also have both a normal plug-in and mobile charger available so they can still charge their cellphones/smartphones/etc. even if the regular electric power does go out.    



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