PHOTO: Girl Scouts Visit Clark Firehouse

The girls earned their Fire Station Tour patch and learned about fire prevention.

Daisy Troop 425 and sister Brownie Troop 791 were very excited to visit the Clark Firehouse located on Broadway recently. 

Deputy Chief Robert Venturella and Firefighter Thomas Campbell demonstrated what a firefighter looks like in full turnout gear when entering a house on fire, so the girls would not be afraid of them. The firefighters also explained how their turnout gear protects them from getting hurt.

Firefighters also gave tips on fire prevention and evacuation plans. After the demonstration, the girls were eager to take a tour of a fire truck.

Upon leaving the fire department, every scout received a Fire Station Tour patch, a fire detector, fire hat and many other special treats provided by the Clark Fire Department. The girls thank Deputy Chief Venturella and Firefighter Campbell for helping their community.


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