'Free Kai' Petition Started Online

The petition's organizer writes, 'by viewing his Internet famous interview ... you can tell that this man is the farthest thing from a violent criminal let alone a murderer.'

In addition to a fundraiser for 'Kai the Hitchhiker's' $3 million bail, a Change.org petition to free Kai is also making the rounds on the Internet.

Kai, whose real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, went from Internet celeb to accused murderer last week, charged with allegedly killing Clark resident Joseph Galfy.

For his part, in a May 14 post on his Facebook page, McGillvary alleges that he was drugged and raped, and asks readers, "what would you do?"

“You look in his eyes and you can see he’s a good kid,” petition organizer Donna Miller of Las Vegas told The Star-Ledger.

The petition so far has 109 signers with a goal of 10,000. Miller's call to action says:

"Free Caleb "Kai" McGillvary who has been arrested and charged with murder for killing someone who drugged and raped him while taking advantage of his free spirit and generosity, because the man murdered was a wealthy white lawyer the court is seeking harsh penalties against Kai, Free Kai and spread the word some may also know him as the home free hitchhiker. By viewing his internet famous interview with the news which shows a harmless peaceful hippy who put himself in danger to save multiple lives, you can tell that this man is the farthest thing from a violent criminal let alone a murderer. Just as the US justice system convicts hundreds of innocent people each year, Kai too will be convicted and sentenced to life in prison if nothing is done. Spread the word invite people and help free this innocent man from persecution!!"

Others have echoed Miller's position in the comments.

"He is an honest kid and loves the freedom hes made for himself," writes Georgi Abrashev from Short Hills. "He loves people and is caring..I remember when I watched his Jimmy Kimmel interview. The show gave him some money and he gave it all away to homeless people he never met within an hour. He's not mentally ill he's just too good of a person and society can't accept that. So I REFUSE TO CALL HIM A MURDER and demand that all the unknowns in his case are uncovered. Free Kai, he did more good to fellow human beings, than some (if not most) cops and politicians have."

"Kai is a noble person, who is incapable of killing an INNOCENT man," writes Laura Mejia from Texas. "The prosecutor has been disturbingly biased and unprofessional in every aspect of this case. He should be forced to resign. Rape is a serious problem in America that is being taken seriously."

In a May 10 Facebook post, McGillvary described an abusive childhood, writing that he was confined, beaten and sexually abused before being put into treatment. He also discussed it in an interview following the Fresno incident. (View it in our gallery, above right.)

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.


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Janice May 23, 2013 at 07:00 PM
He still killed a man. If someone drugged and raped me I would let the police handle it I would not use blunt force trauma on the person. I would call the police. This is what he wants people to believe. When was he drugged? He was dropped off by the lawyer in the morning to go to Asbury Park then came back late Sunday. So if he was drugged how could he kill him the same night he was drugged. If you are drugged you would not be able to kill someone. It just seems like he made that up to fool everyone. You don't know him or what he is capable of. What about how nice everyone said the Boston bomber was and the brother who is married with a baby. No one knows what someone else is capable of period. I don't think he was drugged. It would show in his system if he was.
mills16 May 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM
It's amazing how they want a fair trial for this guy, but automatically place guilt on the the one who was murdered. So much for Change.org. Also, I love how people blindly love this guy and think that they know him just because of some internet video. "Oh he's a good kid who's just a hippy and wouldn't harm anyone". How do you know? Do you know him personally? Do you hang out with him regularly? Absolutely comical.
Susan Ruegamer Moraghan May 24, 2013 at 04:40 PM
If he really was drugged and raped, then why GO BACK! Even if you felt you were wronged, then you should have gone to the police. People think they know him, but what about the people who knew the victim and are just as shocked about the claims made against him? Sounds to me like killed the guy (he admits he killed him) and now doesn't want to go to jail. If you were innocent and protecting your own life, then he should have called 911 instead of trying to run away.
Justmytwocents June 02, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Neither Donna Miller nor & Terry Ratliff (fundraiser for Kai) have even even met Kai. They've never spoken to him on the phone. Neither have talked to him since he was arrested even though he has been calling others. They've never gotten permission from Kai to speak to the media or raise funds on his behalf. They claim that Kai was drugged & raped based on his vague Facebook post that simply asked the question "what would you do if you were drugged and raped ? (summary) But they're selling it to the public as if it was fact instead of their guess. Terry started a Facebook page for Kai & Kai's dad is an administrator. (Kai has been very vocal about his past abuse & estrangement from his dad). Kai's dad opened a bank account in his own name to for Kai donations & the Kai fundraiser account is in TERRY'S name. Their Facebook page calls Galfry a pervert & rapist & also attacks the prosecutor.They ask everyone to help dig up dirt on both of them. This group is a bunch of clueless,uneducated people seeking attention..They're selling shirts w/ Kai's interview photo (without permission from the TV station) with a misspelled quote from Kai. They're planning to encourage people to go to "the prosecutor's door & hand him a card w/ Kai's photo, stare at him & leave. They have no concern for the damage they are doing to Kai's case. The media is giving them a forum to do so without asking if they have permission to speak for Kai. Kai's only words to reporters were "NOT GUILTY."


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