VIDEO: Clark and Garwood Residents Discuss Casey Anthony Verdict

Locals share their thoughts.

Clark and Garwood residents expressed concern over the Casey Anthony trial. Now that the verdict's been decided and Anthony is set to be released, Patch asked folks around town how they feel about the decision. Check out our video to hear their thoughts.

We also posed the question on the Internet. Joe Cooper-Levi wrote in on our Facebook page, saying, "The public hears different information than the jury. Right or wrong, guilty or innocent the decision's been made. We're supposed to take comfort in that. By the looks of things, there's not a lot of comfortable people right now."

Others chimed in

Kimberly F. said: "I think everyone who watched the case closely expected this to happen. Plain and simple, there was obviously no real proof that she did it. However the jurors should have given more consideration to the charge of child endangerment. Basically, the not guilty verdict makes it seem as if the jurors felt it was 'okay' for her to not know 'where' her child was (they did agree she was guilty of lying) for an 'entire month' while out partying with friends and acting as though there was no child in her life. That sickens me."

Barbara Emmanouilidis said: "I am sick to my stomach. Everytime I think of that baby lying in the swamp with animals chewing on her body parts I almost throw up.She is definitely guilty. There was enough proof for me. If I had been a juror it would have ended up a hung jury because NO way would I change my mind. She should have at least go the child endangerment charge. How do you lose your child for 31 days and not report it and not be child endangerment. Please...the whole thing stinks."


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