Decorating: Things That You Buy ... That Just Have to Have a Name

Things that you buy that just have to have a name....And why they were named what they were named....

     Well I'm finally back....This time for good!!  

It's been almost a year since my last blog and I have truely missed sharing my fun-filled stories and wacky adventures with everybody.  It was a productive and extremely busy year for me which didn't leave any extra time for blogging. 

I spent the year growing my business Decorate On A Dime and accumulating some unbelievable "Unique Finds".  I have so many great stories and adventures to share with you all; that I don't know where to start.  One thing is for sure; there is no better time to start, then Memorial Day weekend in my business!!       

    As you may recall, my blog is all about my wacky adventures at Flea Markets, Auctions, Estate Sales, and Garage Sales and the stories about what I found, where I found it, how I got it home, and the interesting people I meet along the way... No blog will ever be the same and there is a story behind every "Unique Find".  Sometimes I feel like I live a real life "Storage Wars" or "American Pickers" episode..

     With that being said.. Let me introduce you to my newest addition to my collection of "Unique Finds". 

Meet Captain Mystic.  As you can tell by his photo; his name suits him perfectly.  He's over a 100 years old and made of purely paper maiche. He's a true antique and a conversation piece in any home.  I stumbled across him at a warehouse sale at the Jersey Shore. He was not actually in the warehouse; but in a storage room in the attic, above the warehouse.  It took me twenty minutes to friend the owner of the warehouse and talk my way into the attic.  As soon as I saw the Captain, I knew I had to have him....  The only problem, he was not for sale... Twenty minutes later; a lot of begging, I talked the owner into selling him to me.  He's currently on display at my house at the beach.  He's "One Of A Kind"...

     Now; let me introduce you to my next "Unique Find",  meet Albert.  He's about 5 feet tall, hand carved, and made out of solid wood.  He's a must have... He doesn't talk back, whine, or complain. He does exactly what he's told to do.  He's every woman's dream guy.  He's perfect!!  He's also a conversation piece in any home, by a pool, or as a land marker for any house. 

      I'll never forget the day Albert arrived.  It was pouring cats and dogs and I was working at my booth at the Point Pleasant Antique Pavilion.  When you work in an antique store; people come in all the time trying to sell you things that they think are "true antiques".  You never know what treasures are hidden in their cars until you check it out!!.  On this particular rainy day, an old wooden station wagon pulled up in front of the store; and a young guy ran out and into the store.  He wanted to know if anybody was interested in buying antiques.  He said, "his station wagon was packed".  Nobody else was interested; so I ventured out in the pouring rain to see what he was selling. When he opened the back of the station wagon, my eyes went wide.  I wasn't expecting to see Albert.  I knew immediately, I was buying a "One of a kind" hand carved totem pole.  When I came back into the store with Albert; everybody was jealous, and I was extremely happy with my purchase.   Currently Albert is on display in the window at on Springfield Avenue in Summit. Check him out...he's available....

     Last but not least, I like to introduce you to Senior Red Bull.  He's over 75 years old, hand painted and made of solid wood.  He has a slight imperfection on his back due to age, but he's definitely unique.  He sits perfectly as a display piece on top of any llarmoire, buffet, or coffee table in any home.  He was purchased from one of my favorite stomping grounds at the Jersey shore: The Collingswood Flea Market.  He is currently on display at my booth in The Point Pleasant Antique Pavilion on Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Check him out!!!

      Well that's all for now, you've met my friends...I'm sure you now understand why each piece requires a name. Once Memorial Day weekend is over, I'm sure I will have plenty of stories to share with you all..Stay tuned... Next week is sure to be interesting. 

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