What's the Worst Valentine's Day Gift You've Ever Received?

"You shouldn't have...No, REALLY, you shouldn't have."

Happy Valentine's Day!

On a day fraught with expectations, we could all use a few laughs. Here, the Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Ever (according to our very unscientific poll of friends):

- Things that are too practical: Socks, an alarm clock, jumper cables, you get the drift. One friend recalls a coworker who received a vacuum. A gift that, well, totally sucks.

 - A gym membership. Does this one even need an explanation?

 - The Tandem Glove. Sweaty hands times two. Yuck.

 - "Coupons." Ah, the infamous "I totally forgot today was Valentine's Day, so here's this Post It note good for one 10 minute massage!"

- Fake flowers. Even gas station roses would be better.

- Nothing at all. (Still better than anything else on this list!)

What's the worst Valentine's day gift you've ever received? What's the best? Tell us in the comments.


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