Eat this Now: Bistro 1051's Namesake Roll

One of the most popular dishes at the Italian restaurant in Clark happens to be sushi.

It’s a bit weird to order sushi at a self-labeled Italian restaurant.

But the Bistro1051 Roll is one of the most popular items on the menu. The namesake roll, made with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, soybean paper and spicy mayo, is made fresh to order by sushi chef Danny Lee. 

Bistro 1051’s secret: The chefs use local and fresh ingredients, which are brought into the restaurant – located at 1051 Raritan Road in Clark - daily.

The roll was developed in house, and is a mix of spice from the tuna and sweet from the shrimp. The whole roll is evened out by a crunch, which compliments the texture of the soft tuna. 

The roll is wrapped in yellow soy paper so the flavor is strictly fish – no seaweed to overpower the taste.

The restaurant boasts a full sushi bar and an entire Italian menu.

“This kind of place is very popular in California,” said Michael Savvis, owner of Bistro 1051 who has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years.

He said he fields questions about having a sushi bar in an Italian restaurant all the time. He simply responds that it’s delicious.

Annette DeLuca of Clark, claim Bistro 1051 has the freshest sushi in town. “I mean everyone. It’s such a good gem here. I always get a sushi roll as an appetizer, and then some pasta. It fills me up every time.” DeLuca gets the 1051 roll every time she comes in.


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