Report: These 4 Industries Are Ready to Staff Up

Do you know which industries are looking to hire new employees? Provided by AOLJobs.com.

Written by Dan Fastenberg for AOLJobs.com

Since the financial crisis, employers have been hesitant to hire full-time employees, often blaming "economic uncertainty," among other problems. But according to CareerBuilder's latest mid-year forecast, that is changing.

For the second year in a row, nearly half of 2000 employers surveyed, or 44 percent, said they plan to hire new full-time permanent employees during the final six months of the year. That is a big jump from 2011, when 35 percent said so. (CareerBuilder, which is an AOL Jobs partner, compiled the data from 2,000 hiring managers.)

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CareerBuilder does not follow up on its projections. But the rosy outlook didn't entirely come to pass; as CBS Moneywatch reported, by the end of last year, the U.S. economy ended up adding about the same amount of new jobs as it did in 2011. Still, that total number of new jobs added both years was about 1.8 million.

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Part-Time Hiring Up
According to this year's survey, a full 25 percent of employers also said they plan to hire part-time workers, a modest increase from last year's total of 21 percent. Hiring of temp workershas surged 7.5 percent in the past year, which is five times more than the overall hiring rate during the same time period. Many economists speculate that employers are opting for temp workers as a way to keep costs down. And they're able to do so because the high unemployment rate has left many Americans willing to accept low-paying jobs with no benefits.

Where To Find Permanent Jobs With Benefits 
Four industries, however, stand out as notable exceptions in the CareerBuilder report. Even in an environment in which Americans feel they can only either part-time or low-paying work, these industries are still planning to hire plenty of full-time permanent workers.

4. Professional and Business Services

Companies that plan to hire: 43 percent

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3. Health care

Companies that plan to hire: 51 percent

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2. Information Technology

Companies that plan to hire: 51 percent

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1. Financial Services

Companies that plan to hire: 52 percent

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