What's Playing at the Movies This Week?

The following are the films and showtimes for Friday, Oct. 12.

Digiplex Rialto:

Argo (R)
Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin
120 minutes (4:15)7:209:50
Digital Presentation
Here Comes the Boom (PG)
Salma Hayek, Kevin James
105 minutes (4:30)7:109:25
Digital Presentation
Frankenweenie (PG)
Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short
87 minutes 7:00 PM
Digital Presentation
Frankenweenie in Disney Digital 3D (PG)
Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short
87 minutes (4:30)9:10
Digital Presentation
Taken 2 (PG-13)
Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace
91 minutes (4:50)7:159:30
Digital Presentation
Hotel Transylvania (PG)
Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg
91 minutes (4:25)6:50
Digital Presentation
Hotel Transylvania 3D (PG)
Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg
91 minutes 9:00 PM
Digital Presentation
Pitch Perfect (PG-13)
Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow
112 minutes (4:45)7:309:55
Digital Presentation

Digiplex Cranford:

Seven Psychopaths (R)
Collin Farrell, Woody Harrelson
109 minutes 5:107:309:50

The Oranges (R)
Leighton Meester, Hugh Laurie
90 minutes 4:407:009:20

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (PG-13)
Logan Lerman, Emma Watson
102 minutes 4:557:109:30

Arbitrage (R)
Richard Gere, Tim Roth
100 minutes 4:507:209:45

The Master (R)
Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix
150 minutes 3:506:509:40


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