What's Happening This Month at Crossroads?

The October events calendar

Every Monday: 

Trivia/ Beerpong Tournament w/ DJ Mas: $2 BYO Mug and .35 cent wings 9pm

Every Tuesday: 

Jazz Jam with The Xroads All Stars 9pm

Every Wednesay: 

Acoustic 7pm

Girls Night Out: $1 Drinks for Ladies

& Viral Video Night 10pm

Friday, October 5th

Dumb Kids in the Back Comedy Show (7:30 )

Broken Darling

Spiral Out (Tool Tribute)

Saturday, October 6

Clayhole Brothers School of Rock King of Thieves + Andy Diamond DJ Party

Sunday, October 7th

Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket Check out Patch blogger Rob Galgano's interview with Phillips here. 

Steevan Mars (6pm)

Wednesday, October 10th

BP Wednesdays - 9PM

Paul Anthony - 8PM

Bret Fuentes - 7PM

DJ Project Bob (Soundstation) - 10PM

Thursday, October 11th

Horsy and Family Acoustic Party - Comedy Jam (7:30)

Friday, October 12th

Eric Harrison's Crash Chorus

The Neighbors - Darren Demarco - Breathing Blue

Saturday, October 13th

School of Rock Tribute

(Funk and Reggae show & New Wave of British Metal)

Sunday, October 14th

Gorilla Battle of the Bands

Xenophile - O.N.E. - Lakeside Boulevard - Valacar - The Neon Eyes - MC Pollock & The Angels - Nick, Steve & Ryan of Holiday, Peoples Hero - Lionel Pryor

Wednesday, October 17th

16 oz - 9PM

Phil Nastie - 8:30PM

Seiichi Diamo - 8PM

Steve Kelly - 7:30PM

Joey Del Duca - 7PM

Thursday, October 18th

Mace Montana & Company

Friday, October 19th

Novae - Dukes & Earls - The Molly's

Saturday, October 20th

Jill Cagney w/ Hudson K - Ms. B's House of Detention

Adam Kestler Band

Sunday, October 21st

Gorilla Battle of the Bands Finals

Radioactive Material - Undercover Shadow - Backfire - The Dead Blues - Free Pizza - Broken by Chance - Science - Driving Lights - Clockwork - Such is Life - Glass Cow - My Bad Habit - Revolving One

Wednesday, October 24th

Sharif Mekawy - 9PM

Rick Dill - 8PM

Matt Biggs - 7PM

Thursday, October 25th

Jesse Five - Mirand Kohler - Adam Pacha - Joel Tannen

Friday, October 26th

NJ Youth Theater Comedy Night (7pm)

The Costellos - Elephant Ghost - Michael Kragh

Lady in The Radiator - Torch The Throne

Saturday, October 27th

The Cove in Roselle Reunion Benefit

Everlounge - The Bare Ass Canaries - Bad Attitude - Little Raymond & the Rhythm Preachers - Zigman Bird - Tokyo Pink - Alien Slaves - Marty & the Martians - Humans From Earth - Onto Something - Overtime - Back Seat Romeo - Rich Dipalo - Karla Ucceli - George Howell - Joe Canzano - Joe Frame - Tom Lucas

Sunday, October 28th

Nine Eighteen - In Our Glory - Pigeons

Flight Interrupted - Phelan Tupik (2pm)

Wednesday, October 31st

Ink & Paint Halloween Burlesque Show (8pm)

For more information, visit http://www.xxroads.com/ or call 908-232-5666.


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