Z-Fanatical Workout Stresses No Equipment and No Excuses

Z-Fanatical Fitness is offered at Clark's Retro Fitness and RWJ Rahway Fitness in Scotch Plains.

A team of brothers from Edison are running a new fitness program designed in their University of Pennsylvania dorm rooms at several NJ gyms.

Z-Fanatical Fitness is a workout program started by the Zannetti brothers, Gene and Jeff.

Gene Zannetti said the workout was born out of a need for fitness that did not entail special equipment that could be done in a dorm or hotel room or apartment. It is a 45 minute workout that is executed in four sections - full body, abs, arms and legs.

Participants repeat a number of exercises in circuits that last 10 minutes each. They are constantly moving throughout the workout, which does not require any machines, weights or equipment.

"We became incorporated last year and since have become nationally and internationally recognized (as) an approved group fitness program through 9 (nine) fitness organizations," Zannetti said.

The program continues to grow, he said.

"We currently run group classes through our certified Z-Coaches at Rutgers and Princeton University as well as several Retro-Fitness locations, Fitness and Wellness Professional Locations, Fitness Elite in Hillsborough, USA Karate in Springfield, CJA Wrestling Club, South Plainfield Police Athletic League, and Central Park in New York City," Zannetti said. "We are rapidly spreading throughout the tri-state area."

Zannetti runs the Rutgers University class, and is assisted by about 40 coaches overseeing classes at the other locations.

Beata Matusewicz, 20, a junior at Rutgers University, said she has been coming to nearly all the classes since the beginning of the fall semester.

"I feel good during and after class," she said, at the end of a session. "He (Zannetti) inspires you a lot. He makes you want to come back."

For more information on classes and scheduling, visit www.zfanatical.com.


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