Kumpf Student Donates 12 Inches of Her Hair

Erika Dawson donated her locks to an organization that helps woman fighting cancer receive free, real hair wigs.

This release was received from the Clark School District.

Erika Dawson, a sixth grader at Kumpf Middle School in Clark went to the Gatsby Salon in Greenbook on February 11, 2013.  She did not go there for a day of pampering like most young girls do. She actually went there with a selfless purpose in mind. Erika donated 12 inches of her hair to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths.”  This organization helps women fighting cancer receive free, real hair wigs. This is actually Erika’s second time donating; the first time she was in second grade.  When asked her reason for donating her hair, Erika replied, “Because I wanted to bless someone else.”


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